Brian Games is in Cleveland Clinic where he continues to improve in small increments following the stroke he recently suffered.  They are trying to dissolve the blood clot at the stem of his brain.  Vera Perry is now in Forest Hills undergoing physical  therapy following her recent hip replacement surgery.  Marilyn Boger is recovering from last Tuesday’s phlebotomy on one of her legs.  Caden Blacker, one of Terra & Jesse’s sons, is suffering from double pneumonia and ear infections. Marlene Trisolene has been transferred to Heartland Nursing Home in Lansing. Joy Yontz had her leg cast removed last Wednesday and is now wearing a boot. She will be unable to put any weight on it  for about 4 weeks.  Virginia Orrison is waiting to be scheduled for a procedure to stretch her esophagus again.

Kristen Higgenbotham’s liver enzymes will continue to be monitored.  Glenna Gates, Judy Hutson’s sister-in-law, was hospitalized last week in Parkersburg with  double pneumonia.

Rebecca (Santini) Burchett, Heather & Joe Santini’s daughter, is in West Penn Hospital with complications with her pregnancy. They will deliver the baby by C-section this coming Thursday if  she  does not come before then.

Buddy Alloway has requested our prayers for his 2-year old nephew, Devan Myles, whose pelvis is twisted and may need to be fitted with braces.  Leo Seroke, the Hutsons’ neighbor, is now home after being hospitalized with cellulitis in his legs.

It was great having Jerry Moore back with us for the first time since he had the stents inserted in his arteries a few weeks ago.

Our prayers continue to be needed for those for whom our prayerful support has been requested recently…Louis Bain (Kate’s husband), Ilse Burkett (Peg Spielvogel’s mother), Evelyn Barker, Ben Hendershot (Kay Sowinski’s cousin), Jackie Huntsman, Charlotte Mason (Mae Deller’s daughter), Ray Ramsay and Peg Spielvogel.


Let’s continue our prayers for healthy pregnancies and deliveries for all of our expectant mothers and their babies…Rebecca Burchett (a girl, anytime), Leslie Huffman (a boy in February), Ashley McKeen (a girl in March), Terra Blacker (a boy in April), Carrie Lucas (a girl in April), Amy Higgins (a boy in May) and Lindsay McKeen (July).


Our prayers are always needed for those serving in the military … Nathan Rodak (Bill & Joan’s grandson), Kristen Roy (Pearl Roy’s granddaughter) and Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son, Afghanistan).


Please continue your encouragement and prayers for those who are no longer able to worship with us regularly…Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Dorothy Kimble, Bill Kopyar,  Joyce Orzolek, Bill Richards, Alice Shunk (Leonard Bearup’s mother), Leon & June Smith, Ed & Bea Stelmach, Vonda Swisher, Jim Thrash, Mike Tribbie, Joanne Wallner and  Bill White.


We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Lenny Hungerman, our brother in Christ, who passed  from this life on Jan. 5.  His funeral was last Monday.    Lenny will be missed by all of us who have known and loved him for so many years.

Our deepest sympathy is also extended to Angel Baker and Karen Barbe in the Jan. 7th death of Brenda Stillion, their cousin and sister respectively, in Marysville, OH.  Her funeral was last Tuesday.

We also extend our sympathy to Greg Nestor, Amy’s husband, in the death of his grandfather, Tom Russell, last Sunday. His funeral was Thursday in Tiltonsville.


If you were unable to be at last Sunday evening’s Congregational Meeting during which this year’s budget was presented, there are copies available on the table in the foyer.


Money is being collected to purchase a car seat for Paul & Leslie Huffman’s baby boy who is due next month.  If you would like to help with this gift, please give your money to Linda Gooch by this  evening.  Any extra money collected  will be given to Paul & Leslie to be used for additional  items for their new son.


The annual Teachers’ Appreciation Dinner will be Thursday, March 15, at 6:30 p.m. at Mehlman’s.  A sign-up list will be posted later.


Teams 4 & 5 will co-ordinate our Ministry of Encouragement for the next two weeks.


Dot Saunders and her husband, Bill, left for Arizona last Wednesday where they will stay until spring.

Sue Beisel and her husband, Bryan, left last Thursday for 5 more weeks of teaching in Equatorial Guinea.


Large girls tops and pants or small adult size clothing are needed for a girl who is going through a difficult time in her life.  Pants with thick elastic bands or clothing which “gives” is needed.  Please contact Pat Corder for further information.


Some think the Bible is too hard to understand, but the common man has read the Bible for centuries and understood its timeless message.  In next week’s broadcast, Phil Sanders, the program’s keynote speaker, will discuss the ease of understanding the Word in his lesson, “Not Too Hard.”  The program can be seen  every Sunday on WTRF-TV, Ch. 7, at 7:30 a.m.




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