3.19.17 Bulletin News

New requests & updates: Doug Elerick’s (friend of Janet Lallathin) cancer has spread. Clark Green’s surgery to remove a kidney stone was postponed. He has an infection that needs healed first. Frosty Lee (Joyce Slatt’s brother-in-law) is in the hospital with breathing problems. Laura Maiorana (friend of Joe Ham) has cancer and has only been given 6-12 months to live. Dorothy McCluskey (Brad Schrum’s grandmother) is recovering at home from a mini stroke this past weekend. Jerry Moore has bronchitis. Isabelle Schrum has been sick. Wayne Wheeler is recovering at home from colon surgery.

On-going prayers needed: Dominic Alexander, Jim Bass, Mary Bass, Charles Boger, Barbara Brewer, Kevin Davis, Tom Denney, Karen Dunfee, Alicia Estadt, Joann Gaston, Willie Glasgow, Elliana George (7 months old, related to Christy Fisher), Dorothy Heil, Wayne Henthorn, Chad Huntsman, Ted Huntsman, Elsie Isiminger, Janie Judge, Kevin Kalany, Steve Lattocha, Molly Leonard, Chuck & Peggy Lucas, Maureen McBride, Bill Miller, Bruce Miner, Donna Morris, RJ & Andrea Nolte, Sundy Stanford, Cheryl Stefan, Joyce Stimpert, Carl Stonebraker, Cody Szabo (a 15 year old from Barnesville, the Hannahs’ cousin), Gregg Voscavitch & Lori Witchey.

In the Military: C.J. Harding (Terry Fitch’s step-son), Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law), Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son), Colt Thomas (Karen Thomas’ step-son), & Tyrell Watson (Riley’s husband).

Our Shut-ins: Ella Bell, Carolyn Campbell, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Joyce Orzolek, Leon Smith, Marlene Trisolene, Joanne Wallner & Dee Withers.

New Family:  We welcome Kevin, Katie and their son John to our church family.  They will be in Care Group A. We look forward to striving for the Kingdom of God together with them!

Congratulations:  Congratulations to the McKeen family, who will be expecting their 3rd child in the beginning of October.

Sympathy:  We extend our sympathy to the family of Jim Thrash, who passed away last Friday. Keep them in your prayers.

Wedding Shower: There will be a wedding shower for Van Wilson and Brianna Watson at the East Main church in Barnesville on April 9 from 2-4. All are invited. They are registered at Target, Amazon.com, honeyfund.com, & anthropology.com. If you plan to go, please sign up on the bulletin board by the office.

Nailers game:  We are planning a church-wide trip to a Wheeling Nailers game on March 25. Tickets are $14, due today. See Keaton for details.

Ministry Meeting: There will be a ministry meeting for all the shepherds, deacons, and ministers today at 4:30.

Join us for Bible Classes! We have bible classes for all ages on Sundays at 9am & Wednesday at 7pm. The Wed. adult class is in 1 Timothy 3.

Ladies Class: The ladies’ class will meet Tuesday at 6pm in the Fireside Room.

The Lord’s Table Preparation: We still have three months for which we need help preparing the Lord’s Supper. If you can help, please sign up on the bulletin board by the office.

Song Books & Bibles: All of our songs will be projected on the front screen. If you are using a song book, the worship order with song numbers is printed on the back of the bulletin for you convenience.

Hearing Assistance Devices: We have hearing assistance devices available if you need to use them during any service.

Gospel Meetings: Don’t forget Barnesville’s East Main congregation will be hosting Phil Grear March 26-30. There will be a 1:30 session Sunday afternoon, and a 7pm session Monday – Thursday.

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