Within the next few days, Peg Spielvogel is to have a device surgically installed in her back to help relieve the pain in that area.  Vera Perry is now in Forest Hills undergoing physical therapy. Dorothy Kimble has improved slightly and has returned to Cumberland Pointe. Jocelyn Davis is doing well following the recent insertion of the tubes in her ears.  Charles Boger is undergoing physical therapy and kidney dialysis in Cumberland Pointe. Anna Witchey’s condition remains unchanged.

Justin Gallagher has been ill this past week with possible mononucleosis. Joanne Wallner has been in OVMC the past week with cellulitis.  Her husband, Max, was also hospitalized early last week with a blood clot in one of his legs.  Alice Shunk, Leonard Bearup’s mother, is back at Forest Hills after being hospitalized last weekend with low potassium.

Rita Yontz, Jim’s mother, is in EORH with congestive heart failure.  Ruth Satterfield, Terrie Gaston & Sally McDiffitt’s mother, is improving at home following treatment for a gall stone trapped in one of her ducts.  Marilyn Findley, Carolyn Campbell’s sister, is doing much better following recent hospitalization due to pneumonia and liver problems.   Grace Randolph, Matt’s grandmother, was to return home last week.  Glenna Gates, Judy Hutson’s sister-in-law, has returned home from the hospital.  Adam Shanks, a friend of the Voscavitches, was seriously injured in an automobile accident last weekend.

It was great to have Brian Games with us last Sunday in our morning worship service.  He was to come home this past Friday and continue outpatient therapy in Morgantown four days a week for an indefinite period of time.

Please continue praying for those for whom our prayers have been requested recently…Louis Bain (Kate’s husband), Evelyn Barker, Holly Bine (Pat Rice’s brother),  Clyde Carpenter, John Cottage (Frank Sponhaltz’s nephew), Patty Elsey (Terrie Gaston & Sally McDiffitt’s aunt), Alexander James (the Hartung’s 18-month old grandson), Kevin Kalany, Deborah Lodge (Amber Hope’s stepmother), Shadow Momtag (student at Union Local) and Joy Yontz.

Our Shut-ins need our continued prayers and encouragement. …Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Bill Kopyar, Virginia Orrison, Joyce Orzolek, Bill Richards, Leon & June Smith, Vonda Swisher,  Jim & Pam Thrash, Marlene Trisolene and Bill White.

Please keep our service men in your prayers….Nathan Rodak (Jay & Rhonda’s son) and  Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son).


We need to continue our prayers for Amy Higgins (a boy in May) and Lindsay McKeen (a girl in July).


We congratulate Carrie & Jason Lucas on the safe arrival of their new daughter, Maryn Milica, last Monday, April 9. She weighed 9 lbs. 1/2 oz. and measured 20 3/4 inches long.  They hoped to return home last Thursday or Friday.


Everyone is invited to a Baby Shower for Lindsay McKeen in conjunction with the Monthly Fellowship on May 6.  She is registered at Toys R Us, Babies R Us and Target. Care Group B will be in charge of the Shower and Care Group A will be in charge of the Fellowship.


This coming weekend, several of the ladies will be going to Grand Vue Park near Moundsville for their Annual Ladies’ Retreat.


All of our  shepherds, deacons and preachers will meet in the MP Room next Sunday at 4:30 p.m. for their bi-monthly meeting.


All of the members are encouraged to attend the Congregational Meeting following next Sunday evening’s worship service.


This coming Thursday, April 19, we will meet at Mehlman’s at 6:00 to honor those who devote so much time and energy to helping us learn more about God’s Word.  Everyone is invited to come and encourage our teachers.  The teachers’ meals will be provided by the congregation.  Be sure to sign the list on the bulletin board by this evening if you are planning to attend even though you signed the previous list.


If you are a graduating senior or if you are the parent of a student who is graduating from High School this spring, please let Brad or Everett know and give Joyce one of your Announcements and Senior pictures by May 6.  We are planning to honor all the graduating High School Seniors of our church family during the morning service on May 27.

If you are graduating from college or a technical school this spring, please let Joyce know.


Potter Children’s Home in Bowling Green, KY, has asked us to donate French Dressing, Bottled Water and Soft-Scrub.  They also need cash donations to help with the purchase of perishable foods. Deadline:  May 12.


The Grand Central church in Vienna, WV, will be hosting the annual Jr. Youth Rally for Grades 3-6, this coming Saturday, April 21.


All the ladies are invited by the ladies of the Wheeling congregation to their annual Ladies’ Inspiration Day on Saturday, May 12.


If you are in Grades 7 – College Age, you are invited to the annual Elmer Parsons Retreat at Tomlinson Run State Park May 18-20.  Brad Schrum will be one of the speakers.  (Contact Brad for more details.)


There will be “Walk-A-Thon” to help raise additional funds for the Games Family in Moundsville on Saturday, May 12.  If you are interested in participating or sponsoring a participant, informational packets are available on the table in the foyer.









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