Kevin Kalany has been undergoing chemotherapy this past week in preparation for his bone marrow transplant which is scheduled for this coming Wednesday in Morgantown. Neil Kent is home after being hospitalized last weekend with his recurring respiratory problems. Mark Farber is recovering after experiencing several bruises in a fall down their steps at home a few days ago.   Corey Hayes will undergo surgery to remove a cataract from his left eye this coming Thursday which will be followed by the same surgery on his right eye in the near future.   Linda Denney continues to undergo tests.  Nancy Hudson was to consult with a neurosurgeon last Thursday to consider the possibility of additional back surgery to alleviate the severe pain she has been experiencing.  

    Curtis Blake, Darlene Straub’s father, Mel Hannan’s father-in-law and our new brother in Christ, is waiting to start his chemotherapy treatments. Sally Hickenbottom, one of our former members, is back in the hospital and is not doing very well. She appreciates cards, but requests no phone calls. Denny Benesh, Pam Butterworth’s brother and one of our former deacons, was hospitalized early  last week with  two perforated ulcers and diverticulitis.

    Wanda Dunham, Becky Groves’ mother, is in the Villa Royale Nursing Home in Steubenville recovering from a broken hip. Brenda Mullen, the Sowinskis’ neighbor and mother of John & Sarah who used to worship with us, is recovering from colon cancer surgery.

   Our prayers are still needed for Evelyn Barker, Jim Bass (Mary’s son), Jeff Bigler, Brandon Brown, (15-year old friend of Carol Kovachic),  Shelli Glasgow, Faith Hilton (Bunky Loy’s granddaughter), Ray Ramsay, Clarence Rice (Ethel Kent’s brother), Edie Roberts, Joe Santini (Heather’s husband), Peg Spielvogel, Frank Sponhaltz, Jim Thrash, Gregg Voscavitch and Don Zink.

    Please remember to pray for our shut-ins…Kate Bain, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Lenny Hungerman, Marcelyn Jones, Ethel Kent, Dorothy Kimble, Bill Kopyar, Virginia Orrison, Joyce Orzolek, Alice Shunk (Leonard Bearup’s mother), Leon & June Smith, Marlene Trisolene, Joanne Wallner and Bill White.

  Pray for those who are serving in the military…Nathan Rodak (Bill & Joan’s grandson), Joe Stenger and Dylan Usenick.  Kristen Roy (Kosovo) and Marc Roy (Kuwait) (Pearl Roy’s Granddaughter & Grandson respectively).


    We express our deepest sympathy to Karen Barbe in last Wednesday’s death of her grandfather, Warren Crum, who served as an elder of the E. Main church in Barnesville several years ago.


    During the June 5th Sunday morning worship service, we will honor those of our St.C. church family who are graduating from High School this spring. Bridgeport: Cameron Baker (JVS), Kyle Digiandomenico and Vince Magnone; Union Local: Rebecca Santini (JVS); St.C.:  Adam Sambuco and Jacob Zink .

    Please notify Everett or Joyce of any who will be graduating from College or a Technical School this spring as well.   Please write their name, Degree and school on a card and give it to Everett or Joyce.


    Everyone is invited to a Graduation Party for Adam Sambuco at their residence on Saturday, June 4, 4-8 p.m.

    The church family is invited to a Graduation Party for Jacob Zink on Saturday, June 11, at his house from 5:00-9:00.  Please sign the list on the bulletin board, if you are planning to attend.


    Have you checked out our new Website at Stchurch,org yet?  The weekly bulletin’s “News & Notes” along with the main bulletin article are available every week. (They are usually posted on Thursdays).  Let us know what you think.  


    This evening is the deadline for bringing the items to help the children who live at Potter Children’s Home in Bowling Green, KY.  They need Onion Soup Mix, Powdered Sugar and Ritz Crackers.  Please place the item(s) in the box on the table across from Everett’s office and give any cash donations to Everett by this evening. 


    The sign-up list for hosting one of the Teen Devos this summer is posted on the bulletin board.


    If you are willing to teach a class during one or more of the next four quarters, please sign the list on the bulletin board in the hallway.


    If you are interested in helping with this summer’s VBS, be sure to be at this afternoon’s 5:00 meeting in the MP Room.  The dates for VBS are August 8-12 and the theme is “Moses, Leader of Israel.”  Some exciting plans are already underway.


    Jerry Moore will serve as the co-ordinator for meals for our bereaved families and Lisa Johnson will serve as his assistant.  Lists of various ways you can help are available on the table in the foyer. Please complete one of the forms and return it Jerry. (The new policy for providing meals will be published within the next couple of weeks.)


    Teams 1&4 will lead our Ministry of Encouragement for the next two weeks.


    “America Needs God Again” will be Phil Sanders’ topic in next week’s broadcast. It Can be seen Sundays at 7:30 a.m. on WTRF-TV, ch. 7.

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