After Every Wedding Comes The Marriage!

I’ve heard of “shotgun weddings”  before, but this is going too far… The beautiful bride and the glowing groom had recited their vows, pledged their devotion, and affirmed their faithfulness to each other.  The intimate ceremony had proceeded in the presence of about 30 friends and relatives in a picture-perfect setting on a quaint front porch in Tampa, Florida.

 The wedding went well.  The reception went wild!  The newly married couple evidently got into their first fight as husband and wife.  The groom got a plate of macaroni salad thrown in his face.  The bride got a bullet in her stomach. 

 Friends say they still weren’t sure what happened.  One lady who lives across the street expressed her surprise this way:  “It looked like everything was going real good.  Their wedding cake was gorgeous….”  Pretty cake for the reception.  Pretty bad start for the relationship.  She got a slug instead of a hug.  He’s more than a mate, he’s an inmate.  They both missed their honeymoon.  She went to the hospital, he went to jail.

 What’s the point?  Simply this:  “You can’t judge a couple by the cake.”  After every wedding comes the marriage.  And there’s more than one way to be shot down by your spouse.

 The word and will of our God rings loud and clear:  “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain”  (Psalm 127:1).  The Master is the only One who can turn a marital mess into a masterpiece.  The best duel is always a trio.  “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

 In a practical way, how can you let the Lord of life and love strengthen your marriage relationship?  Here’s one idea that fits well with the ministry and message of Jesus.  I discovered this insight for building intimacy in a most unusual place — on an individual package of salad dressing.  As I read the directions for dispensing the contents of the package, I realized I was reading the directions for a growing, healthy marriage.  Are you ready?  Brace yourself.  Here it is:  “Squeeze and Serve.”

 Squeeze and serve.  Hug them and help them.  Love them and lead them.  Embrace and encourage.  Kiss and care.  Squeeze and serve.  There’s one secret for success.  It will get you through the wedding ceremony and through your 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

                                                                           Dennis Lynn

                                                                                            via Beauty, KY, church bulletin

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