January 14, 2018 Bulletin

New requests and updates: Delores Burkhart had some heart problems and
had a heart stent put in on Monday. She also has other health issues. Sam
Burkhart has the flu. Vera Perry had cataract surgery on both eyes. Mary
Donna Wodarcyk had a heart procedure on January 10th at Wheeling Medical Park.
On-going prayers needed: Jim Bass, Kristen Bass (back injury), Mary Bass,
Stephanie Benham’s mom (heart), Gail Bigler, Brady Bisbocci, Charles Boger,
Barbara Brewer, Melissa Britton, Sam & Delores Burkhart, Mary Deigmiller
(cancer), Bob Digiandomenico (back), Alicia Estadt, Carol Frye, Joann
Gaston, Clara Helms, John Heid, Dorothy Heil, Wayne Henthorn, Micheala
Hinkle, Nancy Hudson (recovering from flu) Chad Huntsman, Ted Huntsman,
Elsie Isiminger (Camden Clark Hospital with a severe lung infection), Scarlet
James, Janie Judge, Jonas Judge, Kevin Kalany (graft vs. host disease),
Steve Lattocha, Mary Lively (Terry’s mom, stomach mass), Peg Lucas, Wally
McCabe (back), Marty Morrison, Ruth Morrow, Vera Perry (cataract surgery),
Pat Rice, Jay Rodak, Pearl Roy, Emily Schmidli, Francis Satterfield (Emerald
Point Nursing Facility), Joyce Slatt (eye surgery), Mike Slatt (gall bladder),
Pete Stephens, Joyce Stimpert, & Jill Zatezelo.
Expectant Mothers: Rachel Stonebraker (April), Jessica Sowinski (June)
In the Military: Joseph Glenn (friend of Janet Lallathin), C.J. Harding (Terry
Fitch’s step-son), Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law), & Joey Stenger
(Joe & Karen’s son)
Our Shut-ins: Ella Bell, Carolyn Campbell, Bill & Sue Daley, Joyce Orzolek,
Marlene Trisolene, & Joanne Wallner.
Fellowship Meal: We will have a fellowship meal tonight after the evening service to celebrate those with birthdays & anniversaries in January. Care Group
A will be in charge.
Evening Service: Our evening service will resume tonight at 6pm (weather permitting!). This is a great opportunity for additional time in community, worship, and learning. The beginning of the year is a great time to make some new habits. Make plans to join us tonight!
The Lord’s Table Preparation: We need help preparing the Lord’s
Table in 2018. There are 4 open months. If you can help to prepare
the bread and cup for one of those months in 2018, please sign up on
the bulletin board.
Winter Series: The winter series in the adult class continues on Wednesday nights.  We’ll be studying The Seven Beatitudes from the Book of Revelation. Jeff Bigler will be leading the discussion this week from Revelation 1v3.
Winterfest: The Student Ministry will be heading to Gatlinburg, TN, Feb. 16-18. Additional information is available in the Loft and on the table by the
bulletins. If you would like to go as a student or chaperone, see Keaton.
Bible Reading in 2018: As the new year begins, it is a great opportunity to develop habits for life in the Spirit. A simple but powerful habit is reading through the Bible in a year.

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