November 25, 2018 Bulletin

Prayer Requests & Updates

New requests and updates: Jeff Bigler is now home recuperating. Scott
Chapman recently found out he has prostate cancer. He had a PET scan done
this past Tuesday and it revealed there is not additional cancer. Julie
Nowakowski was taken to the hospital last week due to chest pains. Clyde
Prince (Cedar Avenue Church of Christ) is in Forrest Hills nursing home in room
303. He has colon cancer. Ernie Pyatt (Lisa Chapman’s brother) is in Wheeling
Hospital with heart problems. Mike Slatt has a small spot of cancer on his
bladder. He has surgery on Tuesday the 27th to remove the spot. John Sowinski
is now home recuperating.

On-going prayers needed: Rae Ann Beatty (Bill & Pat Rice’s daughter), Jack
Bailey (Nettie Hartung & Greg Vicker’s step-dad), Margaret Bailey, Jim Bass,
Mary Bass, Stephanie Bittinger, Ruth Borovich, Barbara Brewer, Blake Gaston
(Mike Gaston’s nephew’s son), Joann Gaston, Caleb Hayes, Dorothy Heil,
Wayne Henthorn, Scarlet James, Janie Judge, Kevin Kalany, Warren Lallathan,
Mary Lively, Bunky Loy, Charles & Peg Lucas, Judy McMillan, Donna Morris, Geri
Nagy, Wayne Patton, Vera Perry, Bill & Pat Rice, Bill Saunders, Erin Shankle,
Juliana Sowinski, Joyce Stimpert, Martha Wade, Brenda Wallner, Luretta
Warrick, Bill White, and Sue Wirsing.

In the Military: Joseph Glenn (friend of Janet Lallathin), C.J. Harding (Terry
Fitch’s step-son), Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law), & Joey Stenger (Joe
& Karen’s son).

Our Shut-ins: Sam & Delores Burkhart, Carolyn Campbell, Bill & Sue Daley,
Joyce Orzolek, Pearl Roy & Marlene Trisolene.


News & Information

We extend our sympathy to Brenda
McCreary and the rest of her family.
Brenda’s mother, Elsie Isminger
passed away last week. Her services
w e r e h e l d i n W h e e l i n g o n
Wednesday. Please keep Brenda,
Aric, and the family in your prayers.

Winter Quarter Teachers Needed
The winter teaching quarter in our
children’s ministry begins in
December. We are still in need of
several teachers. If you are willing to
serve as a teacher or if you would be
willing to assist, sign up on the
bulletin board by the offices.

The Lord’s Table Preparation
We need help preparing the Lord’s
Supper for next year! There is a signup
sheet on the bulletin board by the
offices. If you can help for one month
in 2019, please sign up.

Men’s Breakfast
All the men and boys are invited to
the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday at
Eat’n’Park in St. Clairsville at 8:30.

Fellowship Meal
Next Sunday, we will have a
fellowship meal to honor those with
birthdays and anniversaries in
December. Care Group B is in charge
of set-up and clean up.

Hearing Assistance Devices
We have hearing assistance devices
available for those that may need
them. They are available in the back
hallway. See an usher for assistance.

Ladies Class
The Ladies class will be resuming on
Tuesday at 6pm in the Fireside
Room. All our ladies are invited to
participate in a great night of
f e l l o w s h i p , b i b l e s t u d y, a n d

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