The Wonder Of A Child

It  was Saturday evening of Thanksgiving weekend and my family took our traditional trek across town to see the “singing” house.  You’d just have to see this house to appreciate what a wonder it is.  The electronic genius that goes into it is beyond most of us and we marvel at it every year.  The music is beautiful and inspiring and the lights are programmed to go along with the music and they’re everywhere.  Of course, we were also enjoying the less sophisticated, but still beautiful Christmas lights on houses along the way.

We arrived a few minutes early to insure a good parking spot.  While I was waiting in the car, a van drove up and parked right across the street from us.  A mother with a small child in her arms came around to the other side of the van to let out a little girl about 4 years old.  She jumped to the ground with the energy of a typical child and as her mother took her hand for the walk up the street, the child looked up at the sky and exclaimed in wonder, “Oh, look at all the stars!”

Her childlike wonder at God’s creation almost brought me to tears.  All of us adults were enthralled by the thousands of artificial lights put up by mere mortals, but this little child was enraptured by the truly magnificent stars of the universe that we had totally missed.  Her three-second sermon spoke volumes to me.

How often in life do we get so involved in the artificial that we miss what is truly real.  How often do we turn up the volume on the television to drown out the noise of children playing?   How many text messages are sent and received during a worship service?  How many overtime hours are worked while the family waits at home?  The list could go on and on.

Lord, help me to learn to look up more often so that I can see what is above and beyond what the world has to offer.  Help me to have the eyes of a child, the hands of a servant, and the heart of Jesus.

“And a little child shall lead them.”


By Molly Ice

Vienna, WV


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