Vacation Bible School

“Moses, Leader of Israel”

We are anxiously anticipating the opening of this year’s Vacation Bible School tomorrow evening.  The classes will be held each evening, Monday through Thursday, 6:30-8:30 p.m. with the closing program on Friday at 7:00 p.m.

While studying the theme, “Moses, Leader of Israel,” each age group will be taking a closer look at Moses’ life beginning with the “strange” events  surrounding his birth and early childhood while growing up in Pharaoh’s house, continuing with his decision to leave his comfortable and luxurious environment to live as an exile in the wilderness and his “call” to return to his homeland to lead God’s people out of slavery and into the land of promise.

Through various learning sites, the children, ages 3-Grade 6, will travel back in time as the various teachers and shop-keepers help focus their attention on the culture of Moses’ time.  They will listen to Bible stories, work on crafts and sample various foods to help them re-live the time in which Moses lived.

Kay Sowinski will look at the beginning of Moses’ life in the lesson, “From Prince to Fugitive.” Brian Games will lead the class, “Called While Hard at Work” focusing on God’s call to Moses to return to Egypt to lead His people out of slavery (Ex. 2:16-12:51); Kyle Sowinski will present the lesson, “From The Red To The Jordan” in which he will highlight the Hebrews’ travel through the wilderness.  And Sally McDiffitt’s lesson on “The Layover At the Mountain” will look at how God demonstrated His supremacy at Mt. Sinai.

The adult teachers are all preachers from the western part of Pennsylvania… Monday:  “From Prince to Fugitive” (Carsel Matthis, 5th & Beechwood church in Pittsburgh); Tuesday: “Called While Hard At Work” (Jeffrey Dillinger, Whitehall church, Pittsburgh); Wednesday: “From The Red To The Jordan” (John Wright (Washington, PA); and Thursday: “The Layover At The Mountain” (Richard Walton, New Brighton, PA).  Jeffrey and Richard were with us last year and both had excellent presentations.  Carsel and John are new to us this year.  Both are experienced teachers and preachers.

Don’t forget our Closing Program on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m.   Everyone will have an opportunity to hear from the children and to visit the various learning sites and see a little of what went on throughout the week.  Friday evening always provides a great opportunity to meet the children of the parents.  We hope you will come and help make them feel welcome.  We will need finger foods and soft drinks.  Please check elsewhere in today’s bulletin as to exactly what to bring.

Let’s pray and continue working toward planting a lot of “seed” this week in the children’s minds as well as refreshing our own knowledge.

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