More Like Jesus

One of the most magnificent promises of God is that we, as human beings, can be transformed into the image of Jesus. We can change. That’s good news! We are not stuck being a worrywart, an addict, a hothead, a money-grubber, an egomaniac, a bigot, an obscene person, or a _______________ (fill in the blank). We do not have to remain prisoners of our vices. Our personalities and characters can be changed into the likeness of Christ. The idea that we can’t change, that we are who we are, or that’s just our nature is a myth. Jesus can change our hearts. He can give us a heart like his. In fact, our transformation is central to the gospel. Praise be to God that we can be changed, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be like Jesus! When you think about spiritual (meaning that it is the work of the Spirit) transformation, what comes to mind? How would you describe what it looks like or what it means? I would say that spiritual transformation is the process through which we are being formed into the image of Jesus:

  • for the glory of God
  • to experience the abundant life here and now
  • for the sake of others.

God wants us to be more like Jesus.So, let’s continue the conversation from our Sunday morning worship gathering by answering (in the comments below or privately at home) some questions. Think deeply, prayerfully, and with a mind to act.

Why is this kind of change so difficult?

What are some of the forces or obstacles that are keeping you from experiencing spiritual transformation?

What are some areas in your life where God has been trying to bring about a more profound transformation?

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